Pen Rolls

I've really been using up the crayon/marker roll idea. I really think it's a great little gift for anyone who has (or, like me, collects) pens, pencils, markers, or crayons. Slide the utensils in, roll it up, velcro shut and it's quick organization inside a bag or purse.

For a lady who I volunteer with, I made six pen rolls. She is planning on giving one to each of her children's teachers. (One being a man, for whom she requested a "manly roll".) 

When planning the pen rolls, I decided to make each for holding six pens. When figuring measurements for the initial cutting of the rectangle pieces, I found that vertical 7.5 inches x 7 horizontal inches worked best to fit highlighters, pens, and mechanical pencils. Each utensil should get 1 inch of space in the roll.

I used the Pleated Poppy's crayon roll tutorial when I first made this project. One can use velcro, snaps, buttons, elastic hair ties, etc. for the closure. I prefer the heavy duty iron-on fabric because I think that it will hold up for a really long time.


  1. Great idea. I'm always looking for teacher gifts.

  2. Great idea! Love your blog. Becoming a follower to keep up with all your great ideas!

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