Saving Money

Debt Diet
I've been using the Debt Diet plan for many years now.  It is a budgeting tool that shows you how much money, from each paycheck, should be going toward the important areas in your life. You can adjust the percentage of each check as you need, and then revise as your finances change. For example, I have decreased my percentage for transportation as we have a new car (with a lower car payment than before) that has a diesel engine, so we are using less gas. I've created a spreadsheet in Excel that I've used for years. Each time my husband and I get paid, I enter in the amount of our checks and the spreadsheet immediately figures out how much goes to each place. I enter in the bills to be paid, can transfer money to a "pot" for where extra money needs to go, and it's really helpful. If you'd like a spreadsheet, email me at . I'd be happy to send you the file so you can personalize it for yourself.

Hemming Pants at Home
I always buy my pants at a resale shop, and a few need to be hemmed. The pants sit in my closet until I figure out what to do with them. This post will be a tremendous help to me, and continue to save me lots of money on clothes. Just this past Friday, I bought a tag-still-on pair of slacks from NY and Co. for just $10. Only need to be hemmed, and now I know how to do that!

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