Handwriting Clutch

For Christmas, I decided to put together an organizer for my sweet nice who is starting to write. She is a left-handed writer and it seems to be giving her some trouble as many utensils are most easily used by right-handed writers. I found two "swan neck" pens on Amazon as well as a lefty's notebook (It opens from the right hand side instead of the left). In this pack, I also included a handwriting workbook and some tall crayons.
This project is similar to my coloring pack and I tried to improve upon things in the coloring pack that didn't sit well with me. I think I measured more accurately, and I like how this one looks. Except for the front -
Once closed, the clutch looked too plain. I thought about what I could do and then I remembered fabric flowers that I've seen on other blogs. I did a quick Google search for fabric flower tutorials, and I came upon the Frayed Flower from Maize Hutton which was simple and easy. It's great for using up scraps because one only needs a length of 1 inch wide fabric.

Since this is my first frayed flower, I can see where I'll improve next time but I still think I did an okay job with it. I used fabric that I had in the inside of the clutch. I also secured a button in the middle thanks to The Purl Bee's button tutorial.

And, it does dress up the front of the clutch, I think. 

Now that this project is complete, I can FINALLY send a gift package off to Ohio for my two nieces (one is the young writer who will receive this clutch) and two nephews.

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