I have a Jack LaLanne juicer and it's been resting in a lower kitchen cabinet for a few months. I've been feeling sluggish lately, not feeling like I'm looking my best, so I pulled it out this morning and made a fresh fruit juice.

Fresh juice is packed with nutrients that one's body instantly absorbs. As juice sits, it loses it's nutrients, which is partly why store-bought juice is usually just liquid sugar minus the healthy stuff. Andrew Weil, M.D. has a really quick explanation about whether or not juicing is good. I know that after a juice, I feel energized and more alive.

Today's juice consisted of:
1 peeled lime
1 peeled tangering
1 peeled orange (all citrus fruits need to be peeled)
3 apples

Juicing at home is recognized as a very healthy habit; however, there are some things to remember. 100% fruit juice (like I made this morning because it's all that I had in the fridge) contains A LOT of sugar.  A fruit and veggie mix is a good choice, and they taste really good. Amazon.com sells many good juicing recipe books, many of which list the specific health benefits each juice provides (energy, detox, skin health, etc.). Certain juices also combat illness.

I'm going to try one juice a day. And add in more veggies!

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