Thrifty Nifty Christmas

Being it's the first year that my husband and I have had our own home (on land - we did own and live aboard a boat previously), I'm extremely excited to decorate (simply) for Christmas. I come from a family who did Christmas BIG and I absolutely love the meaning of the holiday. My wonderful aunt ordered and sent me a wreath which hangs on our front door. I was so happy that my husband took care of the hanging before I arrived home from work. Shows that the Christmas spirit actually does exist in him!
I put some twinkle lights around the little tree, and this is where my thriftiness started. In one of the off-aisles at Target, the mini-lights are only $3 a box. Very good!
To the left of the doorway, I have space for some decorations but will see what I can find at the Goodwill this weekend. I am looking for lanterns, a sleigh, and I'm trying to gather enough pinecones to fill my spring flowerpots. Those might be all that I do.

Inside, I put up the $20 imitation tree (also from Target) and decorated it with two of the $3 mini light strings and blue bulbs that I found at the Dollar Store. I am looking for a good idea for the tree topper - an angel or star, maybe. I'd like to make something myself. The tree skirt/blanket is a quilt that my friend, Leslie, made for me a few years ago. It's actually teacher fabric, but it will work until I find the time to make my own skirt with holiday fabric. My obligated winter crafts list is long right now....

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