Simple Stockings

In the Washington Post a few weeks ago, I read a letter written by a mother who was very worried about her daughter. Her daughter's classmates spread the word that Santa was make believe. The daughter decided to believer her classmates, and the mother didn't know what to do. The advice columnist said that the solution was simple and logical. The truth is, the columnist responded, "...Santa only brings you something if you believe in him."

In order to prepare my husband, the two dogs, roommate, and myself for Santa's visit (because we still believe), we need stockings. After working on the Stockings for Soldiers project (for which a very kind fellow blogger sent me LOTS of fabric - thank you!) I found that stockings were fun and simple. I chose a very easy tutorial to follow which allows the stockings to be turned inside out without any seams showing.

I have only made one so far - the stocking is for my yellow lab, Maddie. I like it, and I will post the others once I complete each one.

This is my dog, Maddie
And this is her new stocking made with Pooches and Pick-ups fabric


  1. Alison, you are so crafty. Sew smart!

  2. Cute stocking, love the fabric you used and your dog is also gorgeous, but then again I am biased as I have two labs.