Princess Marker Roll

There is a little girl in my life who loves princesses, so I purchased some "Princess and the Frog" fabric and used it to make a marker roll. I've been perfecting the marker roll process, and I'm happy with it, except for the closure step. I've tried hairbands, ribbon, velcro and decided that it was time to work with buttons. I found the cutest button at Michael's with a big 's' on it (the first initial of the little girl's name).And, it was only $1.
When I opened the package, I discovered that the button was actually a pin. But it worked out well. The hairband at the edge fits nicely over the pin and secures the roll. Also, I realized, if the pin comes undone my friend, the young girl's mom, can easily reattach. Plus, it's just really cute.
My marker roll is based off of my good exprience making the crayon roll at The Pleated Poppy . For the marker roll, I increased the vertical measurement a few inches - just enough to cover the tops of the markers, once inserted. The inside pocket needed to be increased, just a bit, too.

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