Quick Onesie Dresses with Hearts from Toilet Paper Rolls

Prudent Baby taught me how to make a quick onesie dress and Singing Three Little Birds showed me how to use an empty roll of toilet paper to make a heart stamp. Joann's Fabric had fabric paint on sale, so I was able to finish three onesie dresses for a sweet baby girl that will arrive soon.

It took a minute to form the roll into the heart I wanted, and with the dress (below) I had hearts too-wide the first time, so I put a new and improved heart over top in red. I did like stacking two different colors of hearts.

I put a squirt of each color, one by one as I used each, and spread it around a bit - wide enough to fit the toilet paper roll heart. I moved the heart around so all sides had paint on them, and then firmly placed the heart on the onesie. I repeated each step when I wanted to make a new heart. Since I was using so many different colors, I started with the lighter hearts first and then finished with the color black.

I like how these turned out, and I'm sure I'll get more creative in time. I also think that these will be fun doll dresses once the baby has grown out of the 0-3 month size of these onesies.

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