Happy Bday to Me

It's my birthday and I share the number 19 with many of my favorites - my husband's birthday, our anniversary, Steve Yzerman's Red Wings number...

I love that my sister gave me a Masha tote bag which helped me to remember this artist's name. I love her work and think everything is so whimsical and pretty. Here's her picture for me, today:

Today, I am 32 years old. So, this month, I will work on writing about 32 things that I love right now. I'm very blessed.

1. My family
2. My husband
3. My friends
4. My dogs
5. My home
6. Hall and Oates
7. Earth Wind and Fire
8. Fall
9. Fried Eggplant
10. Fabric
11. Sewing Machine
12. Smell of freshly cut grass
13. Love, when you feel it
14. Pens
15. Winter storms
16. Losing power on the boat
17. Leo Buscaglia
18. Home Movies
19. Wolftrapp for summer concerts
20. Wolftrapp's sangria
21. The Red Wings
22. Memories of the people I loved and lost
23. Pictures
24. Pumpkins
25. Peppermint foot cream
26. The Writing Project
27. My Philosophies group
28. Traveling
29. Great movies
30. Sinbad
31. Cary Grant
32. Thrift Store Shopping

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