Dollar Store Dishtowel Apron

I really liked the idea of picking up a $1 dishtowel from the Dollar Store and making an apron. I am a very messy cook (I try not to be, to no avail) so the thought of having an apron made of towel was appealing. Throw it in the wash with towels and be done. The inspiration for this project is from Simple Simon & Company .  Below is the model apron they made. Very cute -
I see now that I made my apon to be longer horizontally (above, seems to be longer vertically). I'm short and "hippy" so my end product will work fine for me.

The red fabric for the sashing is from a pajama shirt I bought this week from Marshall's. I really liked the dog fabric that made the pj pants, but didn't necessarily like the heavy pajama top - so I cut it up.  I think the pooches are cute. 

I will definitely make this again. I agree with the original poster that this is a quick, easy, and great gift. I like that the apron can get used and dirty and be thrown in with the wash. I also like this other idea from Then She Made, and I'll try it, too.

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